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Chart & Stethoscope

To make a referall, call or fax us.

For Doctors


  • We see hematology as a central component of women’s health.

  • Heme Onc Call enables your patients with iron deficiency anemia to avoid blood transfusions.

  • We help your pregnant patients with iron deficiency anemia, bleeding, clotting, and low platelet counts have a better pregnancy and healthier babies.

  • A telemedicine consult within one day of referral gives you peace of mind that your patients are receiving care.

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  • Heme Onc Call makes discharge planning easy by offering next-day telemedicine follow-ups.

  • We arrange follow-up lab testing, often in the patient’s home.

  • We offer second opinion consults for patients who want to learn about more options for blood disorders or cancer.

  • We provide in-home virtual follow-ups for sickle cell patients and help them avoid going back to the hospital.

  • Patients on anticoagulants can receive close and personalized management online.


  • Heme Onc Call sees your patients with bleeding tendency or anemia issues.

  • We arrange IV iron infusions for patients with iron deficiency anemia.

  • Heme Onc Call offers in-home virtual hematology follow-up for cirrhosis patients with bleeding tendency.

  • We assist inflammatory bowel disease patients with iron-deficiency anemia.

  • GI patients with clotting concerns, like mesenteric thrombosis, benefit from seeing a Heme Onc Call hematologist.

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  • Heme Onc Call helps your patients manage their anticoagulants.

  • We specialize in N.O.A.C. guidance for challenging patients.

  • When your patients need clearance for procedures, let Heme Onc Call see them online within one day of referral.


  • Your patients may benefit from hematology follow-up and IV iron infusions.

  • Heme Onc Call will evaluate your plastic surgery patients for pre-operative hematology clearance.

  • We help manage anticoagulants before and after surgery.

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  • Let Heme Onc Call help you manage patients with anemia, low platelet counts, or clotting.

  • We can interpret abnormal S.P.E.P. studies and guide your patients with monoclonal gammopathy.

When to consult Heme Onc Call:

  • Women’s health hematology

    • or bleeding tendency

  • DVT/PE/clotting tendency

  • ITP/low platelets

  • Polycythemia vera

  • Heme malignancy

  • Sickle cell disease

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