For Hospitals

What Heme Onc Call can do for your hospital:

At Heme Onc Call, we provide expert recommendations for managing patients with blood problems including DVT/PE, bleeding, anticoagulant issues, and abnormal blood counts.


The team at Heme Onc Call will help your hematology and oncology patients navigate through their ER visit and hospital admission via telemedicine consultations.

Expert Hematology and Oncology Patient Care

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Fewer Hospital Transfers

Many acutely ill hematology and oncology patients can avoid transfers to tertiary care hospitals.


Heme Onc Call facilitates and enables your ER and inpatient teams to keep patients who can be stabilized and managed safely within your hospital.

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Better Hospital Workflow

Starting with 24/7 accessibility and quick turnaround times, we improve hospital workflow for your hematology and oncology patients.


Heme Onc Call guides your ER and inpatient teams toward designing efficient management plans for hematology and oncology issues, including reduced time to procedures and shorter length of stay.


Full Support, Every Step of the Way

Let Heme Onc Call manage your challenging and time-sensitive acute hematology/oncology conditions.


We will:

  • Perform telemedicine heme/onc consults for your ER patients and inpatients.

  • Manage patients who have challenging and time-sensitive hematology conditions.

  • Enable your hospital’s ER to determine which heme/onc patients can safely be admitted.

  • Reduce time to procedures and shorten length of stay.

  • Coordinate inpatient care with other health care providers by using your electronic health record.