We are the first nationwide telemedicine heme/onc practice.

We’re changing the way hematology and oncology care is provided.

About Dr. Fein

Steven Fein, MD, the medical director of Heme Onc Call, has a deep-seated passion for helping people with blood disorders, blood cancers, and solid tumor malignancies.

He trained at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Duke University, and University of Miami.


After dedicating himself to hospital-based hematology/oncology for 15 years, he created “Heme Onc Call” to provide access to care in hospitals that have little or no heme/onc support and to make hematology care easier and better for outpatients who prefer to receive specialty care from the comfort and convenience of their home.


Steven Fein, MD, MPH

Medical Director


Our Mission:

Heme Onc Call provides expert hematology and oncology advice and management by telemedicine for both inpatients and outpatients with blood disorders, blood cancers, or solid tumor malignancies. 

Our Vision:

We will solve the problem that hematology and oncology services are not available or accessible to many of those who need it.