Meet The Team

Dayne Alonso, Physician Assistant

Dayne Alonso, PA-C graduated in 2004 from Nova Southeastern University's PA program in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She has dedicated her entire PA career to caring for patients with hematological and oncological disorders. In 2007, she was employed by a private practice where she worked in the acute inpatient setting in collaboration with Dr. Steven Fein caring for patients with hematological malignancies, benign hematological disorders, and solid tumors. In July 2020, she joined Dr. Steven Fein, at Heme Onc Call, LLC, to start the first telemedicine hematology practice in the nation where she serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Physician Assistant. Dayne is Dr. Fein’s right and left hand. When she is not working, she loves to travel, fine dining, and spending time with her family and friends

Mory Revoredo, Office Coordinator 

Mory Revoredo began her career in 2003 as the new patient department lead to 17 physicians at Advanced Medical Specialties. During this time she oversaw the new patient intake operations and most important, she planned, coordinated and supervised the delivery of care to cancer patients. In 2014, she transitioned to the role of physician practice surgical coordinator for a breast cancer center in Miami, FL. In 2019, she was  to the Cleveland Clinic to work alongside breast surgeons managing the day to day scheduling operations, coordinating of hospital consultations, and troubleshooting patient concerns. In 2020, Mory was successfully recruited to Heme Onc Call, LLC based on her years of experience in office management. Mory serves as office coordinator who participates in scheduling, verification of insurance coverage, answering phones, and the coordination of infusion therapy.  Heme Onc Call is lucky to have Mory’s expertise with an excellent track record in the patient experience. In her spare time, Mory loves to recharge by doing things that bring joy to her life. 

Lily Plasencia, Office Coordinator 

Since 1994, Lily has been an integral component of supporting private oncology practices and in 2011 joined Baptist Health South Florida interventional radiology. Her expertise includes exceptional customer service leading to providing excellent follow-up and ensuring patients feel part of the team.


In 2020, she joined Heme Onc Call to assist in coordinating scheduling, appointments and much more. When she's not helping Dr. Fein save lives, she enjoys trips to the beach and spending time with my grandchildren. 

Yesika Villafana, Billing and Coding Consultant

Prior to starting her own billing and consulting firm, she was an office manager to a local private practice. She has gained vast experience and expertise in the area of billing, coding, health plan management, authorizations, credentialing since 2005.  Yesika has been instrumental in the development and growth of Heme Onc Call from its inception. She has assisted with many projects including EMR implementation, setting up billing structure and health plan credentialing. We are thankful to have Yesika on our team.

Bismarie Plasencia, Marketing Consultant

Bismarie Plasencia is a University of Florida graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. She has 5+ years of experience in the advertising industry with a specialization in digital marketing. She is skilled in customer service, sales, public speaking, public relations, writing, and social media. Bismarie joined the Heme Onc Call team in September of 2020 as the company's marketing consultant working to market the brand and enhance their online presence. 

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About Dr. Fein

Steven Fein, MD, the medical director of Heme Onc Call, has a deep-seated passion for helping people with blood disorders, blood cancers, and solid tumor malignancies.

He trained at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Duke University, and University of Miami.


After dedicating himself to hospital-based hematology/oncology for 15 years, he created “Heme Onc Call” to provide access to care in hospitals that have little or no heme/onc support and to make hematology care easier and better for outpatients who prefer to receive specialty care from the comfort and convenience of their home.


Steven Fein, MD, MPH

Medical Director



Steven Fein M.D

Telephone: (786) 567-8310